Types of education

English language courses for Overseas Students

English language course is one of the best starters for students who do not achieve the required English language course prescribed the University or Colleges. Not only will this course help students improve their overall aspects of English language, it will also help students to get themselves learn the university/institution study procedure in a laidback manner. English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) courses are one of the popular choices for international students.


Technical and Further Education (TAFE)

The TAFE sector is the largest education and training sector in Australia which offers numerous courses that teach technical skills, practical experience and pathway to a great career.


Foundation courses

A foundation courses are one of the easy pathway for international students who seek to gain access to undergraduate courses at Australian university (due to the requirements not being completed to join undergraduate programme) and help kick start their learning experience.


Higher education – undergraduate

There are several internationally recognised Universities in Australia that offer various choices for undergraduate studies with worthy job prospects.


Higher education – postgraduate

Australian Universities offer a range of post-graduate courses which are very practical and helps students improve their overall skills. Also, for a range of post graduate courses in diverse fields, scholarships are also available for international students.