University Admission

With so many institutions in Australia, and so many courses to opt for, selecting the right university or college with desired course of study is a daunting process. This choice, however, will be one of the most important decisions students will ever make in their lives, and ensuring that they choose wisely is critical.

AB cube academic solution has 8 years of experience working with international students who choose Australia for higher education. Our team of professional counsellors has helped thousands of aspiring students to choose their career and education path by placing them in reputable universities and colleges across Australia. At AB Cube solutions, we offer you useful study abroad application tips and guidance that help you get admissions with ease.


How do we get started?



Firstly, we set up a counselling session for the student with our highly qualified and professional admission counsellor who has in-depth knowledge for each student on course options and educational institutions. Based on the academic qualification, career goals, interests, financial status, and work experience, our counsellors will help the student choose the right course at the right university or college.



Since Standardised tests are a compulsion for international students to enrol in Australian educational institutions, our admission officer will review any standardised test scores that the student has already taken, which might help the student with their admission. If the student has not taken any of the standardised tests that are required, our Admission Counsellor will book these for him/her. The counsellors will also guide the student regarding the scores that universities will be looking for and the scores that they should be aiming for in order to target particular institutions. We also provide learning courses for assistance on the standardised tests for those who are interested.



By analysing all the interests, needs, and qualification from the profiling process, our academic counsellors will shortlist a number of appropriate universities for the student after analysing their profile. This decision of what and where to study should be analysed with much attention as overseas education does not come cheap.  However, counsellors here at AB Cube solutions will assist with determination to help students choose the best option that meets their needs.



Submitting the right documents is one of the most important steps towards ensuring that the student visa is approved. If one or more documents are not in order, your visa application may be rejected leading delay. In some cases, delay can also lead to cancellation of admission. Once the student has finalised the university, the documents will be carefully reviewed by AB Cube solutions professional editorial team. Then, the application professionals will confirm if all details are accurate and then apply for their enrolment.



With many years of experience with the Australian institutions, the consultants at AB Cube are quite aware of the various types of questions asked by different Universities, and colleges to their prospective students. Thus, we help the students by providing mock interview sessions with a panel of probable questions, and also suggest for the best possible way for giving the interview to universities which require one. The interview preparation sessions are conducted by professional who have experience in interview techniques and the scope of questions that university usually asks.



At AB Cube solutions, we have visa counselling services that help students submit the right documents to ensure that there is very low chance of delay or rejection. Our consultant will also guide the students through the key aspects of any interview that you may have with the High Commission or Embassy.